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What we Do

The whole process of managing the Seed to Sale data, invoices, contracts and payments can be difficult for any business…

That's where we come in! 

We use IBM Blockchain Openledger Smart Contracts to manage the process from handshake to check is in the bank.

Manage the Sale with Blockchain

At the center of a blockchain network is a shared, immutable ledger. This ledger records all the transactions that take place within a network.  

Every transaction is cryptographically protected so they cannot be changed. So what you are left with is a single, shared verifiable open ledger which increases the efficiency of all transactions and embeds a new level of trust with all businesses on the network.

Close the deal, Get Paid Faster!

With our Blockchain Marketplace and SmartContracts you will have your crop sold easier and for more money than ever before! 


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